Finance expertise
& travel finally meet

Middleton & Company is not your typical financial planning firm.

We’re proud of our professional designations, but there’s more to us than that. Way more.

Middleton Team

The Middleton Team

We are a family business with 30 years of investment management experience
and the freshness of next-generation financial planning.


Our mission is to make sabbatical breaks not only possible but also an important, intentional, and rich part of your career through smart financial planning!

Traveling has always been part of our life… and we’ve made it a point to make it part of our career, too! 

By mixing what we are good at: financial planning with what we are passionate about: traveling and exploring the world, we’ve created something quite special and exciting! 

Our sabbatical experiences made us who we are today and put us in a position to help you get your financial goals and travel desires met, too! 

The team

Kailie Abascal

Kailie Abascal



Kailie is equal parts diligent planner and spunky go-getter. She’s also a  world traveler, having studied abroad in Cuba and then living three years in Mexico. Kailie loves helping clients think creatively about their plans and is always up to grab a drink or go on an outing, if that’s where you’d rather talk finances.

What you should really know about Kailie:

Her preferred outfit is Birkenstocks and yoga pants, all the better if she’s wearing this while digging in her amazing garden alongside her two monster-size dogs.

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Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson



Taylor may appear to be the quiet one – don’t be fooled. She’s known to make unanticipated witty comments and connect ideas that haven’t been thought of. If she’s not touting her love of non-linear career paths, she’s working on making financial concepts visual and understandable for her clients.

What you should really know about Taylor:

She took two and a half years off from her career to join the Peace Corps and then traveled around Southeast Asia. Now she satisfies her travel itch by backpacking, backcountry skiing, and running relays around the Northwest.

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George Middleton

George Middleton



George has extensive experience in… lots of things. He comes alive when he gets to explain investment fundamentals, and he loves telling stories about his previous roles as NASA intern, computer programmer, company controller, and home builder. He’s also just an absolute pleasure to work with.

What you should really know about George:

He’s always on the lookout to join in on a tennis game around town. He’s also a seasoned Viking cruise passenger, and enjoys the smaller things that come with travel, like helping a 10-year old boy practice his English on the street in Vietnam.

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Vancouver, WA is our home. Come find us on boards and committees of various organizations, or just enjoying a brew or two to support a local fundraising event. We also commit a portion of our annual budget to philanthropic giving, and are thrilled when we can help our clients integrate giving—whether it’s time or money—into their planning. Let us know what you care about, and keep us posted on cool things happening around town. We love supporting a good cause!

Esther Short Park, Vancouver, WA