Financial planning:
before your sabbatical


Guided exercises to move you from dreaming about your sabbatical to actually taking it!

Plan Your Sabbatical Dream
Plan Your Sabbatical Dream

You’ve proven yourself to be competent and highly valued in your job, but you’ve also recognized that your identity lies beyong your career. You’ve achieved financial success, but you also have big dreams! It’s time to get prepared for the next exciting chapter of your life—a sabbatical.

Financial planning is your tool to feel empowered to plan for the life you want!

Whether you already have an emergency fund and a robust savings routine, channeling funds into retirement and after-tax investments, or if you’re starting from scratch, now is the moment to ensure your finances are well-managed and can support your upcoming sabbatical. 

These resources are here to help you navigate questions about taxes and financial opportunities while preparing to take a break from work.

Explore financial tips, discover what truly matters to you, and get ready to embark on the next chapter with confidence


spring clean your finances

Spring Clean Your Finances in 3 Simple Steps

How do you feel when you think about your current financial situation? These 3 simple steps can help you feel more in control of your money. They’ll help you better understand what you have, where it’s going, and what you want it to do for you!

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6 things that can ruin your sabbatical

6 Things That Can Ruin Your Sabbatical

Taking a sabbatical is a big commitment for most people. And along with big commitment comes big questions and fears. So how can we make sure to not waste this amazing experience? Is there anything that could ruin your sabbatical? Let’s see!

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explore the world

8 Unexpected Ways To Fund Your Sabbatical

To go income-free for a year isn’t something that happens overnight! With careful preparation, it can be an accessible goal and absolutely possible. Learn how to fund your sabbatical with these 8 unexpected strategies!

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Embarking on a sabbatical is an investment
not just in yourself, but also in your dreams, and your career.

For the smoothest journey into your sabbatical and financial freedom, consider partnering with experienced financial planners.

At Middleton & Company, we combine financial expertise and sabbatical experience to provide tailored guidance and help you turn your sabbatical dream into a reality.

We are here to ensure peace of mind knowing that you are making the best decision for your finances as you embark on this exciting new chapter of your life.

We help you view your finances through a broader lens, projecting how your financial situation can support your lifelong journeys and diverse goals. Explore our services and learn more about us to kickstart your path toward financial well-being.

Plan your sabbatical with financial advisors