Financial planning:
DURING your sabbatical

Plan Your Sabbatical Dream
Plan Your Sabbatical Dream

The most exciting phase of your sabbatical journey is, obviously, when you’re actively living it! After years of getting ready for it, you now get to enjoy it! It’s the phase where you dive into new experiences, chase your passions, and relish the freedom from the typical 9-to-5 grind.

However, it’s crucial to maintain financial stability and make informed decisions. From optimizing tax strategies for a low-income year to seizing opportunities like HOA reimbursement, and even mastering budgeting on the go, there are various strategies to keep in mind.


Explore financial tips and strategies tailored for the ‘during phase’ of your sabbatical journey. 

Mid-career professional enjoying sabbatical break

The biggest lessons we’ve learned from taking a sabbatical

Our sabbaticals looked different. We had two very unique experiences. But we agree that it is one of the best decisions we’ve both ever made.

Taking a sabbatical taught us a number of things.

If you’re hesitating to go on your own adventure, if you doubt it will be beneficial to you, then this post is for you. It provides a glimpse into the lifelong impact the experience can have.

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Favorite Destinations For a Sabbatical

Considering taking a sabbatical? Taking a career break can be a great opportunity to explore the world, learn about yourself, develop new skills, and truly discover what you want out of life. But do you know where will you go?

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Plan your sabbatical with financial advisors

For the smoothest journey into your sabbatical and financial freedom, consider partnering with experienced financial planners.

At Middleton & Company, we combine financial expertise and sabbatical experience to provide tailored guidance and help you turn your sabbatical dream into a reality.

We are here to ensure peace of mind knowing that you are making the best decision for your finances as you embark on this exciting new chapter of your life.

We help you view your finances through a broader lens, projecting how your financial situation can support your lifelong journeys and diverse goals. Explore our services and learn more about us to kickstart your path toward financial well-being.