We help make your sabbatical an intentional part of your career & life. ​

With You Every Step Of The Way

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Before Your Sabbatical

The key to making your dream sabbatical happen is... planning. Your sabbatical journey doesn't start on your last day of work. It starts long before that when you set your intentions and start planning for it.


During Your sabbatical

You are enjoying your sabbatical! Is there anything you still need to think about? Have you optimized your taxes? Here's what you need to do while you're abroad to make sure everything goes smoothly.


After Your Sabbatical

Coming back from a sabbatical can be challenging for many people. What will your life look like after being gone for a long period of time? Prepare your return to work and make your sabbatical experience an active part of your lifestyle.

About Us

We both had amazing and memorable sabbatical experiences (if you’re curious you can learn more here). Our time abroad shaped the humans we are today as well as the business we are building!

As financial planners, we now help you to get that experience! 

Our mission is to make sabbatical breaks not only possible but also an important, intentional, and rich part of your career through smart financial planning!

If you are being called to quit your job and start planning a trip around the world, then this is for you. With smart planning, you can have it all!

Kailie & Taylor

Kailie and Taylor Middleton - Sabbatical & Financial Planners