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Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?

You’re dreaming of taking a career break and going on a sabbatical to explore the world. Adventure is calling you. New experiences are waiting for you. Yet there is this little voice in you (or maybe the loud voices around you) telling you it’s a mistake. 

  • You’ll be ruining your career and everything you’ve worked hard for.
  • You don’t know how the marketplace will be when you come back, you’ve got a good job, you should make sure to keep it.
  • It’s irresponsible to not earn a paycheck.
  • It’s going to cost you too much money.
  • It’s too late for that, you should have done it right after college… 

Are you afraid it’s going to ruin your career? 

What if we tell you it could do the total opposite.

A well-planned extended break will not hurt your career. Actually, it can turn into a great opportunity and the biggest jump forward for your professional future. 


Here’s why!

1. Avoid Burn-Out

How do you feel at your current job? Is it really fulfilling you? Do you wake up most mornings feeling happy about your day ahead? (Hey, not every morning – we haven’t met anyone yet who does – but you know, most of the time at least!) Do you picture yourself at that company growing and evolving? 

Or do you feel like something is missing? You’re more tired and anxious than you want to admit and you’re less inspired and motivated than you are expected to be.

If that’s the case, taking a break to center yourself, reenergize, and get inspired is one of the best things you can do! 

By staying in a situation that isn’t fulfilling you, by handling that much stress and fatigue daily you are putting your physical and mental health under too much pressure and you are risking a burn-out. 

Believe us, a burn-out is going to cause more damage than taking that sabbatical year your mind and body are telling you to take! 


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

– Albert Einstein


So it’s time to change things up! 

Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?

2. Focus on self-growth

Our career growth is linked to our self-growth. It just makes sense. Even though we’ve tried for years to separate our professional life from our personal life, we can’t deny we are the same person running both shows. 

The more you get to know yourself, the more self-confidence and self-esteem you will gain, and the more equipped you will be to grow your career. 

It will be easier for you to set boundaries, to ask for what you want, to express your opinions… all of which are important job skills too! And going on a sabbatical can help you do just that! By taking you out of your comfort zone, making you meet new people, challenging yourself in new (and perhaps sometimes uncomfortable) situations, you will discover new resources within you. 

Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?

3. New people, new opportunities

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn


There is no denying how important relationships are in our lives and how much of an impact they have on us. When traveling you meet people from different horizons, with different experiences. It will shake you. And that’s exactly what you need to open your mind.

You’ll come back with a bigger vision, new perspectives, and fresh ideas. 

When looking for a new job, all these experiences will make you stand out! You will be bringing something new and fresh to the table! 

Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?

4. Feel inspired

We hear people say they won’t feel motivated to go back to work afterward, so it’s better to juuuust keeeeep goiiiing. But why do something we don’t like all our life? That makes no sense. 

After some time to decompress, you will likely want to go back to work – even if it’s not to the same job. Professionals like you like to contribute and keep busy. 


It may be a new project, a new business or industry, a new location, but the important thing is that you get inspired about what that next change will be during your time away.


That’s the beauty of a sabbatical. When planned correctly, you’ll be super excited to leave (and a little scared too, but that’s normal) and you’ll come back with lots of energy, inspiration, and ideas. You’ll be happy to get back to a routine and a purpose. We know from experience. 

Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?

5. Live with no regrets, plan it now

If you have this urge for adventures and changing scenery, you better start listening to it, ‘cause it’s not going away! Even if you try to bury it deep down, it will only come back stronger – if not now, maybe in 1, 5, or 10 years. And you may wonder what could have been if you had just done it sooner.

With a plan to leave on a sabbatical in the next few years, you’ll be able to give your 100% to your job now knowing it’s not going to last forever. Plus, you’ll have this new excitement knowing you will be leaving soon. You can enjoy your sabbatical experience fully and come back feeling like you’ve lived the life you wanted to! 

Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?

How often have you heard people talking about their trip and saying it changed their life? Well as cliché as it may sound, travel really does that to you! It changes your perspective, it opens doors, it creates new pathways in your brain, it helps refocus on the essential and it brings clarity. 

You’ll come back with a clear head and a full heart ready to make your next career move feel even more important. 

So do you still believe taking a career break is going to hurt your professional future? What is holding you back? Having fears is totally understandable. Let’s talk about it and address them together. 

We’re here to help you plan your career break. With smart financial planning, you can go after your dreams and come back to grow your career to the next level. 

Come chat with us, and come share your dreams! You can schedule a discovery call now. 

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Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?
Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?
Taking a Sabbatical: Will it Ruin or Grow Your Career?